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What to do when your insurance claim gets denied in California

On Behalf of | Jul 3, 2024 | Insurance Bad Faith

Imagine you’ve made a careful choice in selecting your homeowner’s insurance, paying your premiums faithfully. Then, the unexpected happens—you need to make a claim. But instead of the support you expect, your claim gets denied. 

Understanding your denial notice

The first step after receiving a denial is to thoroughly review the denial notice. In California, insurance companies have to provide a clear and detailed explanation for why they denied a claim. This notice is your key to understanding whether the denial was due to insufficient evidence, non-coverage of the claimed event under your policy, or other reasons. 

Reviewing your insurance policy

Next, you should review your insurance policy closely. This document outlines what it does and doesn’t cover. Sometimes, misunderstandings or discrepancies regarding the policy’s terms can lead to a wrongful denial. Comparing the reasons for denial with your policy’s specifics might reveal inconsistencies or errors in the insurer’s decision.

The appeal process

If after reviewing both the denial notice and your policy you believe the decision was incorrect, California law allows you to appeal the decision. Start by gathering all relevant documentation, including: 

  • Correspondence with the insurance company
  • Any evidence supporting your claim

Submit your formal appeal in writing. Ensure it clearly states why you believe the denial was wrong and include all supporting documents.

Beyond the basics

Sometimes, the complexity of an insurance claim can require more than just following the steps above. Staying informed about your rights and responsibilities when dealing with insurance in California can empower you to act confidently, keeping your focus on moving forward rather than getting bogged down in frustration. Understanding these nuances helps in dealing with current issues and prepares you for any future interactions with insurance entities.