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What are a few examples of contractor disputes?

On Behalf of | Apr 27, 2022 | Construction Law

Construction projects are complex undertakings. Many scenarios threaten to complicate plans for completion.

When building efforts go wrong, the group backing the work might desire legal action. Not every situation, though, is worthy of litigation. Here are some that could merit filing a lawsuit.

Contractual errors and omissions

Misunderstandings are a primary cause of conflicts between construction crews and their funders. Members of the corporation bankrolling the project could have false expectations. On closer inspection, important information might be lacking in the official agreement. To avoid this, third parties should always review building agreements.

Unexpected site conditions

Environmental realities can alter the labor necessary to complete a job. For instance, buildings need deep foundations. When digging, a crew might discover excessive rock. Removing massive stones requires extra effort. If this is unforeseen, it is bound to extend the length of the undertaking and add to the expense. Another example is the discovery of hazardous waste. Stringent environmental rules apply when a worker uncovers it. One party might believe the other is guilty of hiding knowledge of its existence. When this happens, conflict becomes a near certainty.

Noncompliance with expectations

Subcontractors might not follow through with parameters as set forth by a contract. There are various reasons why this might occur. A personality clash could be a source of disobedience. Another possibility is the problem stems from a technical error or miscommunication. Either instance calls for resolution.

Contractor disputes are sticky situations crying out for untangling. Avoiding them requires thoroughness during every stage that precedes breaking ground.