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How to prepare for a dispute with your subcontractor

On Behalf of | Apr 6, 2023 | Construction Law

If everything were perfect, your subcontractors would always finish your projects on time and according to budget. As a result, you would have no problems, and your clients would be happy with the work.

However, you must know how to settle disputes when things go wrong. Here is everything you must learn to prepare for conflicts and get a satisfactory outcome.

Read your contract

The contract your subcontractor signed should have the following information:

  • The work they will complete
  • Their start date
  • The date you need the project finished
  • The steps to take if you cannot agree on a timeline or work quality

You should have read this thoroughly before you both signed it. That can help you pinpoint precisely what clause the subcontractor is breaking if you must go through the complaint process with them.

Speak to them

Often, you can speak to your subcontractor if you have any disputes. A simple, civil conversation can help you settle issues without extra costs or delays for your project. Therefore, it would be best to give this a chance before seeking legal help.

Avoid going to court

Litigation should not be your first option, and it is not the only option you have. It is costly and can create lengthy delays for your project. Generally, it is better to seek alternatives, such as mediation, that keep you out of court.

As a contractor, you want to keep your costs to a minimum. At the same time, you want to get your projects done quickly so you can get on to your next project. Accomplishing those goals can also leave you with happy clients. Therefore, you must settle disputes with your subcontractors quickly and satisfactorily.