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Insurance Coverage For Businesses And Homes Damaged By Wildfires And Smoke

The ongoing wildfires in California are unprecedented and causing extensive damage to businesses and homes throughout the region. In many cases, the property and/or commercial policies in place at the time the natural disaster hit may apply to cover damages to home and business. The law firm of Buscemi Hallett LLP with offices in Southern and Northern California specializes in policyholder representation for businesses and individuals alike.

Attorneys at Buscemi Hallett LLP are AV Preeminent* peer-review rated through Martindale-Hubbell and featured as Top Lawyers by San Diego Magazine for their practice in the area of insurance coverage litigation. Give us a call today at 619-821-9163 to arrange a free consultation about your insurance claim.

Homeowners Insurance

The lawyers at Buscemi Hallett LLP can help when disaster strikes your home caused by wildfires, flooding or other covered perils. We will advise you of your rights to maximize the benefits afforded under your insurance policy, including repair/replacement of your home and belongings as well as additional living expenses. Buscemi Hallett LLP will take swift, decisive action when an insurer acts in bad faith.

All Risk Property Insurance

“All risk” property insurance policies provide coverage for all perils (i.e., fires) unless otherwise excluded. These broad form policies may include coverage for property damage from wildfires, smoke and ash, including damage to personal property, business property, equipment, machinery and sometimes inventory. Business policies may provide coverage for business interruption, including disruption to operations, temporary closures, relocation, rebuilding costs (building and/or tenant improvements), damage to fixtures, business income and lost profits, and extra expenses. In addition, there may be coverage even if your company was not directly impacted but was unable to procure parts or make shipments because of wildfire or another disaster.

Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial property policies will typically cover direct physical damage due to fire, including the cost to rebuild damaged structures and clean ash and soot from buildings and equipment. But it is important to notify the carrier as soon as possible. In many cases, disaster victims may not have immediate access to their insurance information. In these cases, Buscemi Hallett LLP can help make contact with the carrier, obtain certified policy information, assist with the presentation of the claim and navigate the claims handling process.

Business Interruption And Extra Expense

If your business loses revenue because it is forced to limit or stop functioning due to wildfires, business income coverage may compensate you for some of your losses due to the interruption of business. It may also cover your payroll expense and other “extra expenses” that you incur to reduce the amount of downtime. Business income coverage is usually packaged with commercial property insurance.

Providing You With Aggressive, Cost-Effective Representation

You deserve to receive information about appropriate remedies, financial and emotional distress damages, consequential damages, attorney fees and punitive damages that can result from your denied claim. Contact Buscemi Hallett LLP by phone at 619-821-9163 or email us to schedule your free consultation and learn how we can help.